Cast From God's Sight

by Desolate Tomb

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KZK_DIED This is master piece of one-man Blackened Deathcore…!!
Unbelievable…!! Favorite track: Cast From God's Sight.
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released April 19, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cast From God's Sight
Oh, Son of Dawn;
Thou hast been cast to the ground
Into the pit of bottomless despair
Your pride has betrayed you
You’ve fallen to your grave
Hell awaits its King

I have cut thee down from the sky
For your pride has consumed your heart
Until the end of time
You will see no light; only dark
From the bowels of Sheol

I will ascend far beyond the heavens
I will exceed the power of God
I will set my throne on the highest perch
I will rule over men and all the earth

I will ascend high above the clouds
I will make myself greater than the Most High

No chains to bar my existence
No master to hinder my ascension
I am become like God

Your pride has betrayed you
I cast you down from my sight
To where there is no light
A pit of endless torment
For thou and thy kin
You are the king of sin

Now I cast thee into the chasm
The abyssal depths of Hell
Track Name: With Blackest Insurrection
I will destroy the throne of God

Corrupted Ones; lend me thy ears
It must begin with the fruit of his creation
We will taint the hearts of man,
And we will take back what is ours
We will destroy the one who sits high
He shall fall from his throne;

And when He does,
I will be there to claim my crown
I will be there when the heavens shatter forth from the sky
The throne of Heaven shall be mine

I will go forth and paint black the hearts of man
They will know pain as I have suffered so
My retribution will be swift
This insurrection will be His end

I will march forth into the heavens
I will destroy the throne of God
I will take my place as the king of Earth
I will be enthroned in black
Track Name: His Only Begotten
How the prideful have fallen
A morning star crashing to the earth

Your kingdom shall crumble beneath thee
Your revolt shall be in vain
But not before his words pierce the hearts of my beloved
My creation shall fall to His will

They’ll see themselves as greater than I
The fall of man shall be their pride
With forked tongue he will lead them astray
The son of dawn will taint their hearts
With false hope they will be swayed from my sight
By empty words from the serpents mouth

What good is man if they’re fooled by such deceit
Perhaps it’s time to start again
Destroy the earth and all of creation
Erase the filth that has plagued this world
They’ll know no love but the love for themselves
Lost in their greed, their malice, and lust
Why should they deserve to live?
Why should they deserve my love?

Father, these are naught but your children
The ones whom you’ve created in your image
Show them mercy for they know not what they do
The devil lies and deceives them all
Allow me hence, to make penance for them
I give myself so that they may live
Send me to earth, let me see the world as they do
Let me sacrifice myself of my own will

Very well, my son
My only begotten
Guide my children home
Track Name: A Vow to a Scornful God (feat. Payson Myher of FESTER & Jaden Pruitt of Skysia)
Forsaken to my throne
The highest place upon this mount
A god among these slaves
Who I crush beneath my feet

Why am I left to die on this mortal plane with these weak vermin?

I will destroy this wretched filth that you call your own
I will make them wish they were never placed on this earth
A feeble creation with no power such as I

I will make them fear me as the one with chains around their neck
There will be no hope for them on this earthly plane
To think that this mockery is worthy of such salvation
I vow to you: Oh, Sovereign One, I will end them all

I will destroy their innocence
Their offspring shall turn to my ways
Away from you, scornful God, who has forsaken me
They’ll burn with me in unholy fire
Throughout eternity their cries will fill your ears
And may you remember this vow I make to you

A vow to a scornful god
Track Name: Mother of the First Sin
I awake from a dream of such horror
The devil waits at the forbidden tree
“You will be like God if you only taste this fruit”
This is the lie that he speaks to me

With such beautiful words he tempts me to eat
Of the tree which God hast forbidden

My fair Eve, I must beg you; reconsider
For if you eat of this tree, you will be like God
You will not know death; but immortality
A life of those equal to God

Fret not, my love
For there is no worry of the serpents deceit

He is cast from the left hand of god
He is banished to the pits below
He has no power over us; nor this godly earth
He is made a mockery before his kin

Forever shackled he shall be
He will not see Heaven’s gates
He has chosen his fate
No longer beautiful in the sight of God

Mark my words, chosen of God
You will fall; you will burn

No man shall enter Heaven
For I will drag them all to Hell
Track Name: Of Holy & Unholy
Dawn breaks through the dusk
Angels of night bare their wings of pure hatred
Upon the morn of the firstborn of heaven
Will be the end of the fallen deceiver

Upon the morn of the firstborn of heaven
The serpent shall fall to the right hand of God

And he shall be forever chained in the pit of misery

A battle ensues between that which is holy and unholy
Michael and Lucifer; the loyal and the weak
Blades collide in the skies under sullen stars
Angel and traitor; the fight for heaven's gates
Until the damned in his conceit takes a fatal blow

Michael's sword cuts the serpent open wide
Blood spilling from veins of the most unholy wretch
At once the fallen ones retreat with their wounded leader
Swearing to fight another day

Sounds in the night; like thunderous torment
Cannonfire wastes all in it's path
Unholy fire rains down from above

“This war must come to an end”
The Mighty Father shouts from above
"I'll send the one who is at my right hand
To drive the filth from this sacred place;
To restore peace and justice to all
An end to all who opposeth me,
But most of all, the fallen one"

At dawn the sky opened with fire
And from it rode a chariot
It's rider shone with radiant light
And in his hand, the sword of God
It was the one told of in prophecies
The one who would break the chains of Sin
And would unbound the shackles of Death
The perfect Lamb, the sacrifice

He charges Satan and all of his legion
And drove them forth from the fields of Heaven
Down they fall, through Heaven and Earth
First into Chaos, and then into Hell
Track Name: The Void Given Form
Before you formed us
Before the shaping of the earth
There was naught but endless void
Before the sun and moon split the day
Before the land split the oceans and sky
There was nothing but black

How beautifully you created the heavens and earth
The light that beckons beyond
The voice that speaks life to existence

New form was given to the void
The ancient sky began to quake
And thus was born, the earth; our home
Barren and dry, with no life abound
A lifeless sphere with no purpose known
Until you called new life to breathe
You gazed upon all that you formed
And in your heart; you knew it was good
You’d given life to that which was darkened
A formless void that held no more purpose

It cried to you; to be filled with life
The void given form
Track Name: The Breath of Life (feat. Robert Wilson of Cardiac Rupture)
From the dust of the Earth
You molded our eternity
Shaped us; a new creation
That was formed from your image
A lifeless husk with no life
No meaning, no purpose
Until you gave us life
And breathed air into our lungs

At that moment new life was forged
A creation to rival all creation
And restore glory to your kingdom

The power you hold
To create life and to take it
The mercy you show
To husks of sinful nature
The breathe of life in our very lungs

I marvel in your power and holy guile
The wonder of your power in us
Created from the dust of the earth
To which our bodies will someday return

Enact the soil frame
Vellicated flesh
Received upon the Earth

Fractures dancing
Dismembered yet still
Begin shaping
Lord surrounds thee

Breathe new life
Into this hollow husk

Until the moment you reached out your hand
And commanded the winds of the sky to fill us with air
And in that moment, the breath of life
Track Name: First Sin I: The Serpent's Tongue
Cast from the sight of an arrogant god
Betrayed by my own master in Heaven
And now, I am to be replaced by this feeble creation he has placed upon this earth
No more will I be thrown into the shadow
No more will I submit to thee, Most High

On this day, I will be remembered
As the one who corrupted the heart of man
They will fall; they will kneel before me
They will renounce their love for God

Into the dark they will descend

With serpents form, I shall deceive them
They will eat of the forbidden tree
For if they taste of the flesh that is grown there
They will no longer live in ignorance

Their minds will open to the words that I speak
Their ties with god will be forever severed

No more will I be a mockery
But the one who triumphed over God
The days of his reign, are surely numbered
I will inherit all that is mine

The throne of heaven will be mine

Oh, fairest Eve how lovely art thou
I must beseech thee to eat of this tree
You will surely become like God
Only with this fruit can you look beyond Eden
Track Name: First Sin II: The Fall of Man
The serpent’s words pierce into her mind
‘To be like God; to know all as He knows’
The temptation begins to befall her
‘Go forth Eve, and take of the fruit’
The serpent’s words slither from behind forked tongue
‘I will show you the world as it should be known;
You will no longer be a slave, but you will be the master’

With hesitation, she reaches her hand
Forbidden fruit now plucked from the tree
The devil’s eyes now burn with revenge
‘Take the bite; become like God’

Knowing that he was the catalyst in the collapse of mankind’s perfection
The devil, seemingly writhing internally with joy
Watched as Eve passed on the fruit to Adam
Reveling in the knowledge she now felt coursing through her soul, she begs Adam to eat
He bites, though reluctant of what may happen;
Thus, God’s own beloved creation has fallen

With eyes now open
The shame of nakedness sets in
No rose colored glasses to fog their sight
They hear a voice calling to them
Almighty God, cries out for his children,
‘Where have thy gone; oh, my beloved’
‘We have hid ourselves, and with us our shame’
At once the Father knew what had been done
Track Name: First Sin III: Cursed Earth
Behold the son of dawn
Behold the serpent’s tongue
Behold the earth that is cursed for eternity
What have you done, my fair children; I ask
You had but one charge, and alas, you have failed

This burden you take will be the death of you
I longed to have you with me forever
But you’ve betrayed my trust, and now you must be cast from my sight

Cursed earth

I lead you from this place into exile
You have chosen and placed this on yourselves
No return to the garden; no more rose color
Now with thy sin, must come consequence

The first to you, Serpent; defiled one
You will eat dust all of your days
No more will you walk among us
For on your belly; you will crawl

My dearest Eve, mother of the first sin
You will have great pain when bearing your offspring
For in pain; there is reminder of what you’ve done

Adam, my son; thou art most cursed of all
From the dust you were formed, and to the dust you will die
Cursed is the ground because of you
For all your days, your shame will live with you

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